Kano turned on but no power for monitor

I have had my kano for about a year now. It worked when I first got it then I took a long break from it and now am starting to get back into it. The whole kano PC has power and the lights are on showing that it works but when I plug it in I get this message on my monitor. And I know it is the Kano that has the problem because I have tried several different monitors. Please help! 15881675494585158579990961458880|666x500

Your HDMI cord is probably broken so you should try to replace it.

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My HDMI cable works fine. used it on 2 other things.

Try adding in your boot.txt (take the sd and open the file):

Did you manage to resolve this, @Italianboi? Another possibility is that Kano OS has been set to a resolution that your monitors cannot support. Holding down shift as soon as the computer starts booting should put it into safe mode which uses a 800x600 resolution.

This solved my problem which was similar to this post. Thank you.