Kano Speed normal or slow

Hi there,

I wonder how fast your kano Computers are. As I don’t have any experience with the Pi I can’t compare. In general using Apps everything works fine BUT If we use Internet it takes really time to build up the site. I’m talking about 30 - 60 sec.
Our Internet works great with all others devices. Is it normal that PI is slow in the Internet?
Thanks for answering.

I agree. It takes a long time for the internet and Youtube is always buffering.

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Thanks! At least I know it’s not a Bug.

Hi my Kano it’s very very slow too… I have antoher raspberry with raspbian and is more fast than kano. I think that there is a big problem here.

Hi @Cyril,

Web performance on the Raspberry Pi is not as fast as you would find on other, more powerful devices - some of this is software (the way Chromium caches to the same memory card that the OS/applications are running from has an impact), some is hardware (specification of the Pi itself).

Googling around throws up folks with similar questions, and solutions including different browsers, and faster memory cards… things to explore for sure!

Hope that helps


Hi, I have just installed Kano and also find it incredibly slow. I can’t seem to get anything to load. The screen freezes. I have re-installed a few times and still get the same problems. I am running a 3A+

Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong?


Hi Richard,

We don’t have a build of Kano OS developed for the 3A+ unfortunately - your issues may be caused by the 50% reduction in RAM when compared to the Pi 2/3

The current 4.X.X builds were developed for the 3B, with its 1GB of RAM.

The older 3.X.X builds, were developed for the Pi 2, that also has 1GB of RAM.

Hope that helps


Hi chris, when you say maybe faster sd cards… what is the speed of the sd card that comes with the kano Touch Kit?


I believe the stock Micro SD card we use is a class 4 (6mb/s)