Kano Power Board - Does it only control the battery? What about GPIO pins?

At rest, it seems that holding the red button for 3 seconds only enables the battery and that holding it for 10 seconds afterwards just shuts it down. The screen and Pi are only aware of power being supplied or not.

For the 10 second duration, does it interact with any of the GPIO pins?

It would be great to read the value of any of the GPIO pins so a proper shutdown command can be issued.

Hey @KanoGamer,

Just checked in with the engineering team - the GPIO pins are only used to transmit power to the Raspberry Pi board, and one bit of data that tells the Pi if the battery is running out of power.

A redesigned power HAT would be needed for anything more exciting! :wink:

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the super quick response, Chris!

Regarding that one bit of info where it tells the Pi the battery is low. How and what GPIO pin is it using to transmit that?

Is the a process running in the Kano OS to listen for this message?

If the current power board / hat doesn’t allow for a GPIO pin to be shorted/triggered, the next best alternative is to have a python script to listen for a state change on a GPIO pin from the low battery signal/message and then issue a proper shutdown.


Pinging to learn more about this

Hey @KanoGamer,

No further info I can dig up at the moment, our electronics team are in the bunker working on something interesting and can’t be disturbed - as soon as I can catch up with them, I will ask.

If you flip the hat over, you might be able to work out what’s connected though…

I’d really like to know about this also. I’d like to replicate the shutdown turning off the battery that KanoOS does, in Raspbian. Currenlty it shuts down, but will stay “on”.
If the battery runs out, it just dies.

Turns out I was being impatient! There is a delay between the OS shutting down and the power going off, and it is the same between KanoOS and Raspbian!

I have found a little more about the battery tho. There is a program called “battery-status” which needs a single library called “libkano_hat.so” which you can copy into Raspbian and it works to tell you the battery is connected and if it is low or not. What I cant work out is how KanoOS is using this, to automatically shut down. Was hoping it was a cronjob but there is nothing in the table for any user, so it must be somthing else.

I use the non-touch kano computer kit with a standard raspian and a rpi 3 B and the buttons work as described (3 sec press for on and 10 for off) without any kano software. Ergo I believe that the on/off process is all hardware based.

Hi @KanoMoose
Sorry for the LONG delay in getting back to this :slight_smile: i turned off notifications for the form when I realized I wasn’t going to get help from Kano for non KanoOS things (even with their hardware)
Yes the power header button is compleaty hardware based, but what it doesnt seem to do (with my testing) is issue a shutdown command when the battery is low, so I was trying to work that out from the battery-status command (I’ll be honest I dont know how it works in KanoOS either, as I got so fed up with it out of the box, i’ve only used it to grab the two files!)

Thanks for coming back to validate that!