Kano Pixel Power Button Repair -- Need Help

Long story short the power button broke off from the board. Don’t have the receipt and out warranty anyway. Any advice how I can repair it (probably soldering again)? Also, how do I turn it on even without the power button?

Can you post a picture of the break? Would definitely help understand whether it can be fixed.

Theoretically, you could short the pins the power button is connected to in order to simulate a button press.

Here’s an image of the break.

Looks like you’ve still got a fair bit of material left on the legs from the tactile switch. Could you possibly clean up the pads and put some fresh solder on?

If I remember correctly, the switch doesn’t actually provide an electrical connection - it instead shorts the ESP32 to force it to switch off and allow the battery to be charged. This means the board should probably default to on when there is power. Could you give it a go and see what the results are?

Still waiting for my soldering kit to arrive and will definitely share results. I did try to “short” it and was able to turn the pixel on a couple of times but wasn’t able to keep it on though. I think at this point I’m only left with the soldering option

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A bit anti-climactic @mathew . I botched the soldering job so I think the pixel might be beyond repair now. Thanks for the assistance though.

Hey my Daughter did the same thing assembling it :frowning: (big tears) – I told her its NP, we can fix it (I have a TON of soldering equipment) – but I cant find the exact switch. This is as close as I can come, but I don’t think it is the right one.

Does anyone know of the exact right switch part number ? ? I want it to fit right.