Kano Pixel Kit - Unable to Save Creations on Kano App; Wifi Troubles; Other Issues

I purchased a Kano Pixel Kit a couple of days ago. I was able to assemble my Pixel Kit following the instructions and it appears that both of the preset modes on the dial work A-OK.

I installed the Kano App on my Windows 10 PC, and was able to connect my Pixel to my wireless network. I left it connected via USB and decided to try out the “Weather Station” Challenge that was offered. I was able to complete the challenge OK, but I noted that the Weather “Part” showed as “Weather (data offline)” in the right hand pane of the creator. I thought perhaps this might have been a wifi issue or maybe even the service just being temporarily unavailable. I didn’t think much of this at the time; my Pixel Kit was displaying what I was seeing in the creator so I thought it was OK.

I “Saved” (more like “Shared”?) my project and went back to the main page of the Kano App… I clicked on “My Creations” and I am unable to view any of saved creations. All I get is a message that says:

“Add to your kit - When you complete a challenge or save a creation, you will see it below… …”

But there’s nothing at all. My creations are not saving. This applies to creations AND animations!

When I click on the 1, 2, 3 numbers to add an animation… same story; there isn’t anything that I can add.

Furthermore, I am unable to interact with my Pixel Kit wirelessly. I do get a green wireless icon showing in the main page of the Kano app… but this is seemingly meaningless?

Lastly, if I restart the Kano app, or sometimes when I am navigating back to the main page, the Kano App will freeze and I will have to close the windows and re-launch the app. It will ask me for my name and I basically have to start over again (other than it remembering my Pixel Kit).

I’ve tried all of the above actions on three separate Windows 10 PCs and I have the same issues every single time. Is there something wrong with my Pixel Kit itself? Or is this just a software issue? I have seen similar posts on the forums here… but no solutions. I have opened a support ticket, but it has been a couple of days, so I opted to try here as well.

Any advice?


I beginning to doubt that there is still a support team for the pixel kit. The application do not work anymore on Windows or on the Raspberry pi. There is no way to save anything to the pixel kit (only playing). The problem is not with the pixel kit, it is with the application developed by Kano. If it was an open application, many people would be able to fix the problem. If you are a tinkerer, look at this article: https://www.instructables.com/id/Flashing-MicroPython-on-Kano-Pixel-Kit/.

I put a request in for this issue on 1/25/2020 and this was there responses.

*"Hello, :wave: *

Thank you for reaching out to Kano Customer Success. Apologies you are running into this issue with your Pixel Kit.

*I have recently spoken to our development team and they have indicated this is a known issue with the Pixel Kit since the last update. :frowning: *

*They are currently working to fix this and we are hopeful to have it resolved as soon as possible, however, at this time, I do not have an estimated timeframe for the next app update where this issue will be resolved. *

*Apologies, I will be happy to send you more information as it is made available. *


and after asking for an update:

"Unfortunately I don’t have anything more to provide you with right now, but we will be keeping your ticket open and will update you once we know some more :blush:

All the best
Craig :bulb:"

I’m still waiting.

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We have exactly the same issue. Unable to save our creations or animations into the My Creations list. Even though the app says it has been saved.
I wish I had checked the forum before buying the PixelKit. This PixelKit is such a good idea and my kid loved it, but the fact that we are unable to save our work and not able to upload it into the PixelKit is very disappointing.
We can export the project into a kcode file and if only we have an option to just upload that file into the pixelKit - that would be enough. We don’t actually want to share our code (and it appears that when you save - you actually share your work).

I have also just raised a ticket with the support, but I do not expect any answer if this question was already raised back in Jan 25 and there were no answer by Jun 12.