Kano PC stuck on German language

Hello :wave:

We’re desperately disappointed with my daughters Christmas gift of the all singing all dancing child friendly build it yourself Kano PC for learning & play.

The first problem I noticed was on startup everything was I German, both text and spoken language. She managed to get a few steps into setup then changed the spoken language to English, then the startup would not progress from the region selection and offered her to try again. She seriously lost interest after approximately 50 retries. It was time for us to step in as she doesn’t understand why this was happening and was beginning to doubt her work so far. I followed all the prompts also after 20 attempts at setting region gave up and selected “set later”. We managed to get through setup and the pc opened normally displaying the apps. To my horror everything was in German again and cortana started talking German too. After using google translate I managed to do a factory reset and this has taken 3hrs so far to move 60%.

We’re all seriously disappointed So far and really do not see the point in continuing to educate my 10yo daughter through Kano.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello! I’m sorry to hear your Kano PC is acting weird. Perhaps you can use google translate to try to do these steps to set language if you’ve factory reset and it’s still using the correct language:

From the Microsoft Support Page https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4496404/windows-10-manage-the-input-and-display-language:

The display language you select changes the default language used by Windows features like Settings and File Explorer.

  1. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Time & Language > Language .
  2. Choose a language from the Windows display language menu.
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Hello again,

My daughters Kano has almost giving up now. It’s frozen on reboot. I can’t do anything with it and like this for more than 24hrs. It’s still in German and for a newly bought Christmas present this was obviously a terrible way to teach my daughter coding. A quick fix and/or refurb or new replacement is highly unlikely too as this has taken so much of my time and effort so far. This is not my job and quite an awful state for a new ready to use kid friendly computer to be delivered in.

Is it still stuck? If so, maybe one of these suggestions can help: https://windowsreport.com/windows-10-factory-reset-stuck/