Kano PC - Second Monitor

We purchased a Kano PC for e-learning this year. Everything has been going well except the screen is a little small to be doing split-screen with the class on one half and the school work on the other half. I hooked up a monitor I had around the house and everything runs suuuuuper slow and clicks lag really bad. I have checked to make sure the refresh rates or whatever are the same but I am not sure what else I can do, or maybe the Kano PC just can’t handle an extra monitor?

Raspberry Pi can’t really handle dual outputs it will struggle with multiple tabs opened in browsers and HD video streaming in 1 display let alone two. You can improve the experience by making sure the second monitor has a smaller resolution size but to put it in perspective even the pi 4 8gb is a weaker system than cheap netbooks.

Yeah I’m finding that out. I appreciate the response!!

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Are you using the Windows powered Kano? As mentioned before, the resolution of your external monitor will play a big factor in the overall performance of the computer.