Kano PC OS on a Raspberry Pi 3

Can you install the Kano PC OS on a Pi for free instead of buying the kit itself???

Yes you can, I’m running it on an rpi 3b+ in a pi-top.

Do you know how or where to download it @DVS_Dee ?

Best to follow instructions here;

There are youtube videos around from people installing onto a non Kano bought Pi 3 as well.

From the downloads page

@boomhaueruk I can’t find it on the page. Can you link the file of the OS for me?

This is what I saw on the downloads page: Computer Kit Touch - Pi3, Computer Kit Complete - Pi3, Computer Kit 2015 - Pi2, Computer Kit Original - Pi1, and Kano OS - Espanol. plz help.

Can you confirm which type of Raspberry Pi you’re looking to install it on? Also how large is the SD card you want to use?

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I think it’s a 16 GB SD Card and I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B @mathew

Try this link for the latest version of Kano OS for and should work on your model.

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Thank you @mathew! I will try it on my Pi and see if it will work…

You are not getting the correct info. This is Kano OS, which is made for RasPi. Not Kano PC OS, which is Windows, which costs money.