Kano PC Command Line Questions

With the Kano PC coming out, I have a question. Can the PC run apps such as the original Minecraft, or will it run the customized versions made by Kano? Also, with the Windows OS running, how will we learn the command line? Will we be able to access it?

Hi @Jick,

The Kano PC will run the full version of Minecraft (bought through the Windows Store) if you are a retail customer, or Minecraft:Education Edition if you are a qualifying establishment and add it to your license/buy a license.

The versions of Hack Minecraft on the Kano Raspberry Pi based kits are not compatible with Windows based systems.

Good question on the command line - which I don’t have an answer to right now, but I’ll check in with the engineering team when I’m back in HQ tomorrow, and find out.



Thank you for the response!

While I understand that the version of Windows shall be Windows 10 S I know that with the S you do not have access to the command line, may we upgrade the Operating System to Windows 10?

Thank you once more for the response!

No problem.

Yes - you can take the Kano PC out of S mode, but it’s a one way trip… so you would lose all the security and safety aspects that S mode offers.

We may have something else in the works for learning about command line… let me check in with the team and see where we are at with that.