Kano OS stuck at boot - displaying black screen rather than desktop - How to recover?



My child has been using a Kano kit since 3 years. In the past he lost already his data once due to a corrupted card, which was a bit sad.
Recently, the Kano will boot but will get stuck before actual login.
It seems to boot as normal though, it will display briefly a list of checks will all OKs in green, it displays the mouse pointer but then instead of showing the desktop, it only displays a black screen.

I could copy the user folder out and reintall the whole thing, but I am not sure if that will allow to restore all his data, including countless scratch project, custom levels and huge open TTD custom scenarios.
He spent so many hours making this things and I am really hoping I can restore functionality.

Is there anything I can do?
If necessary I can access the memory card on Linux Mint and run whatever commands might help.

Thanks for any advice.


Hey @McAl,

That doesn’t sound right!

Could you share with us which model Kano Computer you are using, and which version of Kano OS?




Mine is doing the exact same thing. I have the Kano computer that looks just like the touch without the touch capabilities and it has Mind-craft on it. I received as a gift last year. Any help would be awesome!! Thank you!