Kano-OS on RPI4

Hello there, I am working on a version of Kano-OS for the pi4 :computer: which will be released to the public when it is complete under a github repo.
So far, I have:

  • Upgraded the kernel
  • Upgraded underlying linux packages
  • Upgraded to debian Buster
  • Modified some code in the public repos

Here is the modified code:

I plan to

  • Edit the overclock utility so that it is fully compatible with the pi4s clock speeds

I have previously contacted customer support and they have directed me here. I have made custom versions of the kano-init and kano-toolset repos, however, I am unaware as to where I should place them within the OS, could somebody please tell me where those coresponding files are in the OS and if needed, how to compile them?
Also: How can I create an .img file which has been fully reset from the OS?

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following for updates

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