Kano OS on Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+



Hi everyone,

I bought 3 sets of “Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+” for my nephews.
(3A+ has been released in November 2018.)

Is it possible to boot Kano OS on 3A+?
The rainbow colored screen has been shown on my 3A+.
(It worked on RPi zero W though.)

Is there plan to release any OS image to support 3A+?
Or any tips to customize existing OS image?


Hi @Motohiro,

Unfortunately the RPi 3 Model A+ does not have enough RAM to run Kano OS and the associated apps.




Hi Chris,

Thank you for making it clear,
I’ll use 3A+ for other purposes.



By the way,

did someone try installing Kano OS on 3B+?
And which OS image was that?

I know 3B is included in Kano comupter kit,
but does it work on 3B+?
Do we need any modifications?



Hey @Motohiro,

I think that some people have it working, but with weird issues around sound output.

It is not something that we have official support for in the OS as yet (not sure if/when that will change).





Thank you for your helpful information!



Additional question, is there known any other board “RPi” like board where KANO is known to run (I mostly thing about these more powerfull than RPi 3B)?