Kano OS 4.2.0 “Hopper” Release Notes

Release Date: 14th Dec 2018


  • Make the notifications respect the enable and disable options.
  • Resolve notification fade-out animation jittering.
  • Added a component for testing a notifications workflow on the Pi.
  • Updated the Privacy Policy file in user’s home folder
  • Enable styling settings on Dashboard.

Make Art

  • Minor spelling fixes in challenges
  • Added more logging at application termination time
  • Disable the inspector to prevent accidental triggering

Feedback tool

  • Added parameter to kano-feedback-cli to send existing logs
  • Add pstree output to the logs
  • Add apt source files to the logs
  • Add disk space usage to the logs


  • Added revision code support for RPi 3B+ models and update RPi2 and Zero ones.

Kano Safe Mode

  • Initial version of the project.
  • Several services implemented when going into Safe Mode such as:
    Light Ring animation, fullscreen watermark overlay, sound loop.
  • Migrated Safe Mode functionality to its own library.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Parental Controls when going from Ultimate to High and then selecting to configure the security level
  • Fixed corrupt config.txt recovery errors when the file is missing.
  • Fixed the Gtk caret-color for the cursor to be visible in text inputs.
  • Fixed traceback caused when calling get_user early during boot.
  • Fixed an issue with connectivity failing due to network interface name changing.
  • Fixed an issue that would show the cursor on top of the screensaver.
  • Add missing license headers

Updater system

  • Increase update recovery timeout from 2h to 3h
  • Split v3.x to v4.x update into two distinct updates
  • Increase monitor timeout to 30 minutes
  • Changed the install location of Kano sources to be version agnostic
  • Fixed problem which prevents update check from working
  • Increased the logging level so that by default more details are in the crash
  • Added feature to automatically send crash report on fail.
  • Retry updating sources before failure

Make Light

  • Updated caret-color for the code editor.
  • Fixed the Light Ring challenges to be more permissive with spacing.
  • Fixed the while instruction in Marching Ants challenge.

How Touch Works

  • Fixed minor spelling errors.
  • Added sound effects to pixel coordinates quiz scene.
  • Fixed particle spawn performance in the TouchAGrid scene.
  • Normalised scene transition times to provide enough time to read instructions.
  • Mark the app to be shown only for touch-capable devices.

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit App

  • Latest fixes, improvements, and content.