Kano OS 3.15.0 Release Notes

Update release date: 1st October 2018


  • Removed Loading Dashboard message if the Dashboard fails, or running on RPI2
  • Fixed Video icon on the Desktop to be the same as on Dashboard
  • Fixed eventual black screen saver after onboarding on first boot
  • Disable the Kano World Widget in Classic Mode
  • Added splash animation when starting Settings

Make Art

  • Small challenge copy fixes

Feedback tool

  • Added screen logging information to the support logs
  • Fix CSS styling issues


  • Added support for multiple mice and hotplugging
  • Added a diagnostic tool for testing
  • Added feature to stop bootup on unsupported RPi boards
  • Re-enabled LED Speaker detection
  • Disabled hdmi_drive config option when going into Safe Mode

Recovery tool

  • Initial package added

Hack Minecraft

  • Fix Minecraft quest to take into account the new challenge pack

Updater system

  • Improve app launch time
  • Download & Install commands now re-check and re-download over an old cache
  • Switch the boot splash to show when the update was interrupted
  • Intelligently gather disk space required for installation
  • Implemented a Recovery Mode for interrupted updates
  • Added a monitor program to inform if the updater indefinitely hangs

Story Mode

  • Fixed app icon on the Desktop to be the same as on Dashboard

Make Light

  • Fixed long delay when loading the LED ring simulator
  • Fixed window resizing incorrectly when launched in Dashboard mode
  • Fixed app icon on the Desktop to be the same as on Dashboard
  • Re-enabled support for the LED Speaker in LED Ring challenges

Bug fixes

  • Fixed long delay when going into the Notifications menu
  • Fixed the Wi-Fi refresh screen on connection failure
  • Fixed applying setting when clicking on Flip Screen option
  • Fixed issue with Make Snake launching windowed from Desktop