Kano LED Light Ring Control



I am trying to use the LED Light Ring to for displaying different colors/patterns for different notifications (like receiving email). For it I can think of either using KANO OS to build an app, or can use any other OS like Home Assistant (HassIO) to integrate the GPIO to control header pins.

I can be considered as a novice / beginner in programming/coding using Kano. Can I have some understanding of any app in Kano OS to allow custom control of Light Ring and a description of usage of various GPIO pins to control light ring behavior.

I am not sure what I am asking for is possible or not, however posting my query for possible guidance.

Thanks for your views.

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I have been trying explore possibilities to use LED Light ring from my Kano Kit circa 2015 Rpi 3 Model B V1.2. Would appreciate the guidance on my post here.


Superthread - The Computer Kit

Hi AlterEgo,

We have a few levels of support for the LED Ring (which comes in two versions - with and without a speaker). In principle:

  1. Low-level libraries (LED Speaker, PiHat)
  2. APIs exposed via D-Bus (LED Speaker, PiHat)
  3. Apps using D-Bus interfaces (cpu-monitor animation, Make Light)

To get started with the D-Bus interfaces you can sudo apt install -y d-feet and look under me.kano.boards System Bus.

Best of luck


Thanks for your reply. Will try making use for it.