Kano LED Light Ring Control



I am trying to use the LED Light Ring to for displaying different colors/patterns for different notifications (like receiving email). For it I can think of either using KANO OS to build an app, or can use any other OS like Home Assistant (HassIO) to integrate the GPIO to control header pins.

I can be considered as a novice / beginner in programming/coding using Kano. Can I have some understanding of any app in Kano OS to allow custom control of Light Ring and a description of usage of various GPIO pins to control light ring behavior.

I am not sure what I am asking for is possible or not, however posting my query for possible guidance.

Thanks for your views.

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I have been trying explore possibilities to use LED Light ring from my Kano Kit circa 2015 Rpi 3 Model B V1.2. Would appreciate the guidance on my post here.


Superthread - The Computer Kit
LED on light ring

Hi AlterEgo,

We have a few levels of support for the LED Ring (which comes in two versions - with and without a speaker). In principle:

  1. Low-level libraries (LED Speaker, PiHat)
  2. APIs exposed via D-Bus (LED Speaker, PiHat)
  3. Apps using D-Bus interfaces (cpu-monitor animation, Make Light)

To get started with the D-Bus interfaces you can sudo apt install -y d-feet and look under me.kano.boards System Bus.

Best of luck


Thanks for your reply. Will try making use for it.


It was probably just me… but I didn’t find the answer from teamKano help all that much in finding out what you have to install on Raspbain stretch to be able to program the LED’s using python (on your own Raspbian image).

In digging through the github repo I noticed a reference to the neopixel library - so that gave me a clue these LED’s are really WS281x so with a bit of work I got them working with that library.

On the latest Raspbian Stretch Lite this is what I had to install to get the Kano LED ring to be programmable with Python.

sudo apt-get install -y scons
sudo apt-get install -y swig
git clone https://github.com/jgarff/rpi_ws281x
cd rpi_ws281x
sudo scons
cd python
sudo python setup.py build
sudo python setup.py install

What we are doing is installing the rpi_ws281x library. It needs to be compiled and that requires use of scons and swig. scons must be run in the rpi_ws281x folder as that downloads some additional dependencies.

Once the install has completed you can run several of the scripts in the examples folder.

e.g. sudo strandtest,py

One thing to note is the Color order is GRB rather than RGB (which the examples assume). I did not find a way to switch the order easily (maybe I missed how to do that) - so the colors specified in the examples using the builtin Color function will be off for anything Red / Green. For my use I just switched all my RGB’s to GRB in my use of the Color function.

Hope that helps!