Kano keyboard and Raspbian Stretch 2018-11-13



My daughter has upgraded the RPi 2 she got as a Kano kit to a RPi 3 and wants to run Raspbian so it is familiar with the work she does at school.

I can’t get the Kano keyboard to be recognised by Raspbian. I’ve tried inserting the white dongle and: On, On+Esc, and On then keyboard Bluetooth.

I’ve also tried those three options without the white dongle.

I get no indication the RPi can see the keyboard, not through the Bluetooth pairing menu and not from any movement of the mouse or keystroke recognition.

I figured this would be a simple task… Is there something I’m missing?


Does anyone know the answer to my question?



Hi @demosthien,

Was the keyboard/trackpad working with Kano OS?

Will it work with any other computers that you have (using the USB dongle)?

I’m not sure what’s needed re: keyboards in Raspbian unfortunately. :frowning: