Kano keeps freezing up

We just got a Kano and it’s been freezing every so often. We’ve been playing Hack Minecraft and the computer will either not respond to mouse clicks or the mouse will just freeze. I’ve had to just turn off the computer by pressing on the on/off button more often than actually turning it off the correct way through the program. Is there a fix for this freezing problem? Thanks.

If it’s just freezing for a few seconds that might be normal as the raspberry pi 3 is a slow computer. If it’s freezing for a long time and won’t respond you might want to try reinstalling Kano OS. Here’s a link to a Kano Support article for that: https://help.kano.me/hc/en-us/articles/360001063620-Kano-OS-Reinstalling-Our-Software

Note that that will erase everything on there so you’ll want to back up any important data.

It freezes for a long time and I’ve already reinstalled Kano OS once. It would be annoying to have to keep reinstalling it since the download for that takes a while.

I have the same issue. I understand it being slow at times but ours becomes completely unresponsive and has to have a hard reboot.
Anyone ever figure out a solution?

We got this for a week. It froze a few times already. I hope this is not an ongoing issue!

It might be a bug with Kano OS. I suggest you reach out to Kano support directly.

Go to this post. It might help.