Kano computer kit

I am trying to set up our kano computer kit after a very long time. it tried to update and now when we put it on nothing comes on the screen.
it was through our tv screen using hdmi but i am now trying it on lap top using windows 10 but i cant find it anywhere in order to try it out. any useful info would be gratefully appreciated

What do you mean by “tried to update”?
If you were installing the OS again by downloading Kano Os and putting the SD card in your computer and flashing the file using etcher, then I would assume that you have not installed the right version of Kano OS, check again you are downloading the right version.

You cannot use a windows laptop as a display for a raspberry pi (including Kano OS). (you actually can but it requires a bit of a techy setup, do a little research into VNC if you want: here is a site to start you off https://howtoraspberrypi.com/raspberry-pi-vnc/)

If you would like any more help, feel free to ask, but could you specify your raspberry pi version as it would help.