Kano Computer Kit with DVI

Hi I just purchased a Kano Computer Kit and I am trying to get it working with my older monitor that has DVI-D input. I got it initially setup on my TV through HDMI and now want to transfer over to the monitor for my daughter to use. Short story, the monitor only gets a black screen. Things I have tried:

Use Raspbian OS and it works - proves that monitor, cable, and RPI is compatible
Boot into Kano OS in Safe Mode - so technically it works with the monitor?
Tried changing the Display Resolution to different settings and reboot - doesn’t seem to work
Contacted help desk - Gives me a bad answer of “we only support HDMI displays”

I am hoping there are smarter people in the forum that can help me troubleshoot this.

You can use a cable converter from HDMI to DVI-D that is compatible. I’m sorry if I’m wrong

Already have a DVI-D to HDMI cable and it works with Raspberry Pi. I have tested running Raspbian OS and there are no issues.

I’m having the same issue. I’d love to get it to work without an HDMI (trying DVI now, unsuccessful). Keep me posted if you get an answer.

Personally I don’t expect them to answer this question…

But if you do want to know if your cable is working try putting Raspbian on another micro SD. If it works, then your cable is correct.

Yeah. I’m not holding my breath. I tried the cord with another device so it seems to work (HDMI to DVI) but in the off chance this gets resolved I’d be very happy. Good luck :slight_smile:

It’s most likely being caused by the wrong hdmi_mode getting selected during boot. How old is the monitor you’re using? It could be that the Raspberry Pi isn’t able to obtain the resolution settings from your monitor, which is fairly common on older displays.

Do you know what the maximum supported resolution is for your monitor? If you have the make/model number, I can help find the right settings for it!