Kano Code on Pi 3b unresponsive

Hi - I have 2 Pi 3bs with Kano OS installed. One is the official LED Light Ring kit and the other is regular 3b with Kano OS installed.

I am finding that Kano Code becomes slow and unresponsive after completing 1 or 2 tutorials and has to be completely rebooted. It feels like some kind of memory leak, as it initially works fine. It’s after completing a challenge and starting the next that it can become so unresponsive that it is unusable.

This has only started happening in the last couple of months. Has there been some change to Kano Code that could cause this? Has anyone else found this?

P.S. This is just doing the Basics and Art tutorials, so nothing too demanding.

Just want to bump this up. I’m currently unable to teach Kano Code without a full reboot of the Pi after about 20 mins of use!
Would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on this.