Kano App not opening on iPad after iPadOS 14 update

I updated my 6th gen iPad to iPadOS 14 this morning, and now Kano Code won’t open. The “K” logo comes up, but then the screen turns all white and stays that way. I’ve tried force quitting the app, offloading & reinstalling Kano Code, deleting & reinstalling the app, and of course rebooting the iPad. Anyone else having an issue with iOS 14?

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Yes I’ve had the same issue. Am probably going to have to reverse the iOS back to 13, my guess is they haven’t submitted a compatibility update yet.

Glad it’s not just me. Fingers crossed for a quick patch from Kano!

It must be the case I restored the ipad to the last version of 13 before the update and it loaded up no problem. I know from online articles this was the least amount of time Apple gave to developers before an OS launch so a lot of them were still submitting updates.

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good to know. Not going to bother restoring, hopefully we can get a response from Kano on when a fix is coming

It’s been over a week since iPadOS was released and no update for Kano Code. Any chance we can get an update from Kano on this? My son wants to get back to his Harry Potter Coding!

For anyone else with this issue, I reached out to Kano support and got a reply, sounds like a fix is coming:

Hello, 👋

Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, our Apps are not yet compatible with the most recent version of the Apple iOS. We are working on updating the Kano Apps to run and support iOS 14 over the coming weeks.

Apologies for the downtime. Our team is working hard to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Kano Customer Success

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Same issue here. Any one got it to work either iOS 14? It’s been weeks now since release.

Hi I just updated two iPads (a pro 12.9 inch & another more recent one) to ios14 and Star Wars Kano app opens to a white screen. Before the update he was able to use. When will there be a fix for this ?? My child received this for Christmas 2019 and now can’t use it!