Kano app for Mac doesn't remember login info

The Kano app for Mac requires that we log in again every time we open it. And every time my daughter completes a challenge in the Kano app for Mac, the app logs out abruptly, and we have to log back in again. It seems the app cannot remember our login info, and its very frustrating. Anyone have this issue?

edit: we are using the Motion Senior kit, on Mac OS 10.13.2 (17C88), using Kano app 1.0.9

I’m very sorry to see no response to your message. We are having the same issue with the Kano App on Windows 10.

We own the Harry Potter want and that app seems to work fine but the Kano app requires login every time and frequently hangs requiring a forcible quit.

Same thing with Kano App on Windows 10 version 1.0.9
It hangs when we click on back button and it does not save our creations at all.
So we unable to upload anything we made into our PixelKit which is very frustrating.
(The whole purpose of PixelKit is to make stuff, upload and show to others that it works without computer)