Kano App does not save creations

Hi, we got Kano Pixel Kit and Kano PC based on RaspberryPi. We made several creations (following the tutorial), saved each one, but then Kano App hanged on KanoPC. We tried the same on WIndows PC using the Kano App - but Kano App hangs each time we click on Back button. And even though the app said the creation has been saved - nothing appears in the My Creations list.
Please clarify how can we have the creations saved and available?
I exported our last creation into a file - but there is no way I can upload it into the PixelKit from the file. I need to open the KanoEditor first, then import the creation, then save (share) it - but it does not go into my creations list. And again when I click on back button to go back into the main menu to see my creations - the app hangs.

Kano App is the latest 1.0.9

Please help.