Kano Abandoning the PI platform?

There was something on the internet the other day that Kano was abandoning the PI platform and laying off people associated with it.
Does this mean a end to our " Life Time" of support? I have 4 of the PI Kano’s and do not plan to go the PC route.

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As far as I know they’ll continue to support the current raspberry pi kits and answer questions, but they’re not planning on making new kits based on raspberry pi.

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From the News story, it sounded like Kano was also laying off the people who were involved in the PI. Too bad my post was removed, it had a link to the story. I am not anti Kano, last count, I have purchased 3 of the Touch, 1 computer kit, 1 screen kit, 3 pixels kits, 3 motion kits and 2 Harry Potter wands, all on the PI platform.

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Well I guess they didn’t need some of them as they are now focusing on the Kano PC.

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Very sad news. I have Computer Touch Kit, Pixel Kit.
I was considering Harry Potter kit but I’m not interested in any Windows platform.

Let they opensource KanoOS (with all components) at least to allow community to develop this amazing platform.


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as far as I am aware there should be a way to download linux distros such as kano os, ubuntu, raspbian, ect.
unless they make it impossible to remove windows witch with kano would be surprising since they try to make things easy while still teaching kids even some adults about computers and even if they did that someone would eventually find a way around it

thanks -summiner12

also @mlesn you should be able to install the current kano os then unzip the file and change to files for the kano pc specs like a said “should”

You might be able to install Ubuntu or other distros, but until someone tests it
out, we don’t know if there will be compatible drivers for the Kano pc with linux. Hopefully we’ll be able to though!

“Support” being a very loose term. They’ve still not addressed the issue I logged in October.

Here is a link to a good article on KANO’s current state. They have moved completely away from the PI and gone over to Windows. There was a reduction in workforce and common sense would tell us that it would have been on the PI end of the business.