[Issue]: HP Coding Wand Bluetooth Read/Write

I am attempting to extend the behavior of the wand to interact with other devices in my home.

I have created a simple application, written in C#, that utilizes the Windows Bluetooth GATT Client APIs. This application subscribes to a few characteristics such as the 9axis controller, the user button, and the led by writing the notify flag to their config descriptors.

I am able to successfully read/write the characteristic values of the device but after a variable amount of time, it will cease to broadcast, furthermore, the led connection indicator remains solid blue and it will no longer advertise or allow a connection.

I have exchanged a few wands now and the result is always the same.

I am using Windows 10 to interact with the wand. Other than to update the firmware and play around a bit, I do not use the coding kit software or its related files.

I don’t understand how reading/writing can cause a malfunction like this. Power cycling the wand and PC does nothing to fix the problem. It’s as if the wand thinks it’s connected but isn’t, permanently.

Any help/insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you. :bowing_man:

Hi there. Ted here from the Kano Electronics team.
Well done for getting this far.

The Wand will go to sleep if you do not regularly (like < every 3 minutes) write to the Keep Alive characteristic.

If you write to characteristic:

at least every three minutes the wand will remain awake.



Hey Ted, thank you very much for the reply!

I will certainly give that a try.

I am still concerned, however, about what to do in the case that
another wand reaches the state described previously.

For instance, what if an exception occurs in my application and I am unable to
write the keep alive flag? This will again render the device useless, according to my current knowledge.

Is there a way to “reset” or “wake” the device from the PCB?

Thanks again!