Is there an older version of Kano App which works properly perhaps with Pixel Kit?

I’ve got a Kano Pixel Kit (retail version), and am experiencing the same difficulties that others have mentioned in many threads before (e.g. Kano Pixel Kit - Unable to Save Creations on Kano App; Wifi Troubles; Other Issues).

My goal is to be able to save creations to the three save slots on the device, that’s all.

I understand that Kano isn’t maintaining the Kano App anymore, and is aware of the problems with version 1.0.9 (the latest version).

Is there anybody here who has found a workaround to add creations/animations created in Kano App onto the Pixel Kit?

I understand that with the communitySDK you can stream to the device from your computer, but you can’t write to those three save slots.