iOS 14 compatibility

Hello. We just purchased the Harry Potter Coding Kit and setup the wand. The iPad being used is iPad 6th generation and is running iOS14. The app will download but doesn’t launch just loads a white screen and never progresses. We have uninstalled and reinstall multiple times and restarted the iPad but no luck. Is that app not currently compatible with iOS14?


I am having the same problem with kano app and ios 14

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Same issue here. Using 2019 iPad. Was working before and does not now with iOS 14.0.1. Very frustrating. Anyone has any tips?

Same issue here. I bought this specific device to aid in the home education of my son. Along with typical studies, he gets a foundation in coding.
It was going well. Now, the app doesn’t work (on iOS or Android) and Kano aren’t replying about fixes, or seemingly doing anything about it. I was hoping to purchase their computer, as a Christmas gift for my son. I won’t waste my money, now.