Internet App not connecting

Hi there,

I’m having issues with the internet app and some other browser based apps (like Song Maker). From the browser I can’t go anywhere not even Google. I’ve tried using terminal to ping google and was able to get response, so it looks like I’m connected to the internet. I found an article that said I had to perform some updates on terminal, I did that but it didnt solve the problem, last the OS apparently updated.

Any help is much appreciated.


I’m having the same issue… I’ve noticed that the /etc/resolv.conf file only contains localhost ( as a nameserver… but also indicates not to edit this file directly as it will just get overwritten by a system process. OK… but where do I go to update DNS settings? I’m pretty sure this is the issue, need to point it to a real nameserver… but can’t figure where to change those settings. One site recommended editing /etc/dhcpcd.conf to add a nameserver there, but the changes made there don’t appear to be copying over to /etc/resolv.conf even after reboot or restarting the service. Any help appreciated!

I believe that there is nothing wrong with that file because if you can ping and updates then internet should be working. I’d assume it is an issue with the software not managing to use the internet for some reason. You could try pining the server the software is trying to use, but I assume that should not work.

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Well, I was able to find a temporary fix by editing that file and manually pinging websites which seemed to then cache them in the DNS, so yes, it is related to that file and/or getting a proper nameserver set up… but mine was not a sustainable fix.

Then I came across this post, which shows how to access the parental control settings under Kano which appear to prohibit most Internet access by default: FYI Troubleshooting Chromium on Computer Kit Touch

Internet access achieved! I was hoping to set my kid up with a couple websites we use for online learning, but it seems like those sites are a bit much for the RPi hardware… they take a long time to render (if at all) to the point of not being usable. That’s ok, he can borrow my laptop for those and I’ll probably get him a cheap laptop of his own… and at least some of the other Kano apps which need Internet access are working now.

Hi thanks for your link. I’m also looking for a solution to my network issues, I think this may do the trick. If I may I’m curious to know what spec pi are you running and what sites did not work, I like to work with khanacdemy but have not tested yet on pi3 b+ standard.

I actually found the issue. On the Parental Control screen the buttons where marked as to restrict internet access but I couldn’t tell because the screen was super bright, for some reason I decided to use the keyboard arrows (up and down) and I notice something moving. That’s how I fixed my problem.
Appreciate ya’lls help