Internet App no longer works after update

My son got the Kano computer kit for Christmas and everything was great. We decided to run the system updates. After the updates, the “internet” app no longer works. It has a message about “Upgrading the KANO app.” I have went into the updater and it shows system OS is up to date. I’m sure I’m missing something easy, but I’m struggling to figure it out. I can ping out to google etc so I know I have internet connectivity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you figure this out? We are having the same problem!

Did you try to reboot the computer? That might fix your problem.

See if this helps: FYI Troubleshooting Chromium on Computer Kit Touch

Did you get it to work? We are having the same problem. My son hates the Kano now… nothing has worked at all since he got it. Finally we were able to get a new HDMI cable and keyboard to get the Kano to turn on and now he cannot get the internet app to work. Completely frustrated!!!

Did you check out the link I posted above?