I need a hand navigating the OS and finding the Minecraft World files

Hi there,

We corrupted our Kano OS a few days ago and not sure how. When it boots up we reach an orange screen after log in but get no further. Using Cmd+Shft+F1 (I think) we could access Terminal and look around.

Why didn’t we just reinstall KANO over the top of the corrupt OS?
Indi has spent months crafting Minecraft worlds. As we understand it they are saved to the memory card somewhere, not on his online Kano World account. Instead I bought a 16Gb card and installed a fresh OS.

What do we need help finding?
Is it possible to find the file on the old corrupted OS memory card which contains the Minecraft world data and transfer it over to the new OS? If so - where is the file? I was raised on DOS and am having troubles navigating the Linux directory structures.

I put the old corrupted SD card into my Mac to have a look at it but was presented with a different set of files

Can anyone help or is it a lost cause?


Hi Indigo.

What you are seeing in the mac is the boot partition, not the actual contents of the Kano OS ‘content’. Usually Linux based operating systems have multiple partitions, with the boot partition being the one accessible largely from the outside in other systems.

You have 2 alternatives it seems, either try to access the files directly from the terminal on your Kano OS system or try to recover them putting the SD card on a different computer. I would try the first one and see where you get, before going to the second one.

For alternative 1

The folder where your worlds would live is this one:


I’d suggest the first thing you try is connecting a usb memory stick and trying to get to the terminal when you reach the orange screen. From there you should be able to navigate to the above folder just by doing

cd ~/.minecraft/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/

And you should have different folders for each of the worlds. If that’s the case, then is just a matter of copying the directory to your USB stick (which will be likely accessible as /media/usb or similar) and then taking out the files to the new operating system (you should be able to copy these using the graphical interface in Kano OS.

For alternative 2

In order for you to access the other partitions, you’re likely going to have to either use a Linux-OS (You can download a live version of Ubuntu and test it on your Mac as per this tutorial) or mount the other partition, which seems a bit more convoluted if you are not very savvy with Linux-based systems.

Let us know how it goes!

i would just like to say that you can email support when your OS corrupted and you can get a free one(had the same sittuation) but i dont know anything to do with the file recovery.