I am learning new skills

Kano has grown tremendously from when I first tried it out in 2014/15 as a beta release. Its my second day of using kano with a standard pi3 b+ 16gb class 10 sd card. Reading from other posts the system is slow but that’s due to hardware limitations but can be increased with better sd card. Im enjoying the quest mode and appreciate and admire the approach to teaching computing concepts but also how the game encourages players to explore the different educational apps on offer. Haven’t managed to get the audio to work for the make music Web app but audio for other apps and YouTube work.

I’m using it in an unconventional way as I’m also trying to get emulators installed and working, I don’t really require support for this but I did want to share my experience thus far, there probably is a far better efficient way of doing this but I enjoyed the learning experience:
Unlock parental controls
forget password(did I set one during setup?)
Read the forms. Feel silly :yum:
identify a Linux emulator with net play, mesen looks interesting.
sudo apt install mesen
nope that don’t work
Read mesen github
Download zip
Extract see an exe(Windows?)
Read some more ummm this mono thing can apps win and linux
Sudo apt install mono
I’m getting somewhere
mono mesen.exe
Hurray! Config screen.
booo. Crash message. Dependency missing…
Search read somemore
Mentioned I might have to compile from source
Yikes never did that before but I’m keen to get this thing working and I’m learning.
let’s git clone the repo
OK now what
Something something not too sure
How do I compile from github
read somemore
Cat makefile
Dam you cheap wireless keyboard!
more makefile
ummm instructions
Read more instructions on github
I need clang
sudo apt install clang
Make(using 32bit parameter option as it defaults to 64,had a side adventure with neofetch to check if armv7 is 64bit spoilers it’s not)
Hurray something is happening
error c++17 value
Clang --version
Version 3 need 9
Follow online guide
Get new clang
It’s getting past previous errors hurray
Error sdl2 not found
At this point its late but what an adventure. Can’t wait for tomorrow.