How to down load Linux Game to Kano Touch

I am new to Linux and Kano. I am not finding a lot on the web about compatibility between Linux and the Kano version of it. Can I just go online with the Kano and down load a linux game or app to it and use it? I have given 3 of the Kano touch models to my grand kids and I just picked up a Kano kit and Screen kit to experiment on. How hard would it be to download a couple of learning programs or games to the Touch models?

It is easy to install software!!! Kano OS is based of Raspbian which is Linux!!! :smiley: To download and install software you may need to open a terminal. Unlinke windows, you do not need to search the web for the program files, you just type in to a terminal sudo apt install [put software name here]. To search for a program do sudo apt search [put software name here]. To update your program list(available programs that is possible to download) do sudo apt update
(you may be able to use a graphical software tool, I don’t know)

Its so easy!! The only issue is that the icons may no appear on the home-screen (again I don’t know, as I do not own a Kano device)
If this is the case you may be able to run the software by typing its name into a terminal

sudo apt update
sudo apt install supertuxkart
supertuxkart (to open)