How is the Kano Pi 3B different from other models other than no ethernet and camera connectors?

From left to right: Kano 3B, RPi 3B, RPi 3B+

So it looks like the combo USB and Ethernet chip has been replaced by a dedicated USB only one. What else is different?

If find that for example, RetroPie’s 4.4 image for Pi 2/3 works but freezes occasionally but the Pi 0/1 image does not.

Pinging someone at Kano

Hey @KanoGamer,

The three big changes would be the one you have pointed out, along with the removal of the camera connector (between the HDMI port and the audio out), and the connector for a Raspberry Pi Screen/Touch Screen (left of the board next to the FCC logo).

Thank you. I have two Kano Pi 3’s and both of them have issues with my RetroPie 4.4 image for Pi 2/3 but for some reason, the one for Pi 0/1 works fine. The same 4.4 image works fine on my two other Pi 3B and 3B+.

I don’t know what else could be the issue.

EDIT: You mentioned the 3 major differences. What are the minor ones?

Hi @KanoGamer,

As far as I’m able to establish, minor changes in the board layout/pcb printing because of the removal of these connectors.

Hope that helps.