Houston, we have a problem Cannot log in: Invalid credentials

I just received a Kano kit (Original Computer Kit - Pi 1 model B+). I took the precaution to download the latest image and followed the instructions to flash it to the card (I have 3 other Pis in my house, so I am very familiar… :slight_smile: ). I had trouble setting up a new profile for my children and I continued to get the “Houston we have a problem” “Failed to sync” message that is mentioned here: Error: failed to sync

I followed those steps with no resolution.

I then took the liberty of creating profiles on the Kano World site directly for my children. I then attempted to login via the Kano OS. I now get the error in the subject. “Invalid credentials”. I have double checked the login, and the username and password work on Kano World. The username and password continue to get the error in Kano OS on the Pi!

Any suggestions?

Steps I have done already:

  • Ensure parental mode is disabled
  • Check the Kano Updater for updates (none found)
  • Upgrade and Update via terminal (several 404 errors…)

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We are having the same issues. Did you get this resolved?