Help with choosing the right Kano


I am researching the Kano as a possible solution the computer needs for an arts school in a high-poverty community in Brazil. We’ve had issues with buying cheap laptops that die quickly in the past and are looking at the Kano as a solution. However. we have about 5 of the computer kits that have gone unused because we don’t have monitors. We also have a much larger class size these days. So, we are considering the new Kano PC to augment what we already have, and then possibly buying monitors for the existing. However, I am wondering how the Kano PC beats a cheap windows laptop and/or if the Computer Kits wouldn’t make more sense. We do a lot with electronics and robotics integrated with the arts, so we need as many options for using peripheral inputs as possible. Any advice or opinions on this question would be very helpful. Thanks!


It’s actually quite easy to build your own by downloading kanoOS for raspberry pi. I did it for my sister who was tight on budget.

There are a multitude of compatible touch screen Pi kits that are a fraction of the price of buying any pc. The benefit also is that in theory you can upgrade or replace the Pi or screen at your convenience.

It may also give you budget to purchase some of the fun addons such as the sensor / led kits etc etc.

The obvious limitation is that you won’t be teaching the kids windows based computing on this setup.