Help us get started

My son got his Kano for Christmas and I am not very techie so have not been able to help encourage him to explore his Kano…so long story short, he is not engaged with it. Is there something I can do or a resource to get me started to help him love it and start exploring (learning)!

Where do I start?

Hi. I just setup a kano today for my nephew and niece and was testing it out and this is my fear too that they won’t engage or find it too much, I worry due to current situation I won’t be present with them to show them how the different apps work and actively engage in scenario building and solving problem. As an adult and tech teacher I’m totally blown away by the little I have played with so far: story mode, hack Minecraft, physics numpy(iirc) and terminal quest. Mind you I had a terrible wireless keyboard but I had fun but will my neice and nephew have fun? To be honest I have had only one experience with kano and tutoring a former work colleague’s, at the time, 10 year old son we worked together with the coding challenges but that must have been before the new features like quest mode. I gave him a brief tour of some the apps like scratch, sonic pi and MINECRAFT. We started with the coding challenges, he was really excited to see what he typed in on the screen displayed as circles or a flag. Unfortunately I moved onto a new job and haven’t really followed up with Kano till now and wow I’m genuinely impressed. There is just so much packed into this product.