Help needed - removing sd card


Hi, I have a newbie practical question. I’m trying to reinstall the operating system on my Kano and I am struggling to get the sd card out. I’ve tried prying the card out but can’t get a grip on it. I also am afraid that I’ll break the case if I try to pry it open. Any help would be much appreciated.


HI @grege,

You definitely shouldn’t need to use any sort of force to get the micro SD card out of the raspberry Pi board, but you may need to remove the board from it’s casing to get a proper grip!




Hi Grege,

I spent a good 20 minutes trying to remove the Micro SD card from a Pi last night. I couldn’t do it. I gave it to my wife who has fingernails who was able to whip it out effortlessly in a second.

If you’re struggling, I recommend a pair of long nose pliers or tweezers.