Harry potter wand status via python or c#


Is there any way a user can get status of the wand using c# or python?


Hello Jason!

I am afraid you cannot get the wand and use Python or C# programming to do the challenges. Kano has no challenges that you use C# programming in and if I recall, the only challenges they have in python is make minecraft. I don’t know if they removed the python option from that or not. It’s been awhile since I visited it. It would be cool to see some challenges in C# but I doubt that would happen knowing the target audience is 6+. Maybe one day they could make stuff for more advanced users? Who knows. :man_shrugging: Until then, we must stick with what we got.

So sorry about that :frowning: hope you have a good day!

~Patrick (DJPMcG on kano world)


Hi @jason .

There’s now a library in Python that lets you get data from the wand, and do cool things like control a Philips Hue bulb as well. Check it out https://medium.com/@jesse007.gg/control-a-phillips-hue-bulb-with-the-flick-of-a-wand-3a9af4826775

This is outside of the Kano App, so falls within the realm of extended experiences for the coding wand.