Harry Potter problems on Samsung Tab E


My son has a Samsung Tab E. Everything i have checked states his tablet is optimized for the program but for some reason when he is completing challenges he can see the coding box and the guide to complete them, but he can not see the illustrations. For example: Change potions colors challenge, he completes the coding as told then it tells him to move the wand upward to make the couldryn change different colors… he doesnt see a couldryn to the right in the black box. All he sees is a black box, a pause and replay button, etc. Is this due to compatibility issues or is the app bugging out? We’ve restarted it multiple times. Thanks in advance!

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Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit - The Compatible Devices Mega Thread *Community Project*

Hi @GrinnerMa3,

Sorry for the delay, has taken me a little time to catch up with the engineering team!

It seems that Samsung remove the core chromium based browser (found in all Android devices, and used by the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit’s app) from some of their tablets, and install their own version.

This break from standard Android has the potential to cause the experience that you’re describing.

If you could get in touch with our care team through https://help.kano.me and explain the situation, they will do their best to find a solution to get your Son up and running as he should be.





Thank you! I will see if i can find a solution through them then. Take care! :slight_smile: