Harry Potter - Objects missing


Got the wand for my son for Christmas, he’s been working his way through the challenges but we’ve found objects missing from the list on a few of them e.g, no broomstick on the first quidditch challenge, no chocolate frog to select. Why is this and how can I resolve it? Thanks


Hi @Katieh217,

Would you be able to share some screenshots of what’s missing from where?




Hi Chris, when you open the objects tray, the required object isn’t visible in the list - on one of the examples I’ve sent, you should be able to select broomstick 1

from the drop down.


Here’s another, chocolate frogs this time!


Hi Katie,

That drop down should contain a full list of all the objects in the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit.

Here’s a screenshot I’ve just taken, with the list scrolled down a bit:

Are you able to scroll up/down inside the drop down to get at the other objects?




What?! There’s a scroll bar?! NOOOOO. Ha ha. Now I feel like an right idiot. A least I’ll have a happy little wizard, thanks for your help Chris


No problem at all Katie! :mage: