Harry Potter "Limited" with Kano Computer Kit?


What does this mean? Does it mean that the Wand kit does not work well with the Kano Computer (touch) kit? How is the experience limited?

Kano Computer Kit

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit offers a limited experience with access to 10 unique challenges on Raspberry Pi 3 based Kano Computer Kits.


  • Kano OS 4.2 or higher

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit - The Compatible Devices Mega Thread *Community Project*

Hi @barold,

The Harry Potter experience on Kano OS, and the Kano Computer Kit/Computer Kit Touch, is limited to 10 challenges, that have been built specifically to run on a Raspberry Pi.

For the full experience (70+ challenges and puzzles), you need a more powerful. compatible computer or tablet.

The Pi is a great piece of kit, but it doesn’t have the power to run some of the complex physics and graphics, that the full versions of the Harry Potter app use.