Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit - The Incompatible/Unsupported Devices Thread



Hey there,

Along with creating a thread of all the devices and operating systems that the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is compatible with, I thought it would be a good idea to share a list of devices that the Kit is incompatible with too.

This might sound counterintuitive, but our Customer Care Team is currently handling lots of support requests from folks who have incompatible or unsupported devices or operating systems - so there are enquiring minds out there that need this info!

So what isn’t compatible/supported?

  • Raspberry Pi 1 and 2

  • Android Phones

  • iPod (All Models)

  • iPhone (All Models)

  • iPhone Plus (All Models)

  • iPad 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen

  • iPad Mini 1st Gen

  • iPad Air 1st Gen

  • Kindle Fire 7

  • Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition

  • Kindle Fire Kids or Amazon FreeTime accounts on Fire HD 8/Fire HD 10 devices

  • Windows 10 S

  • Chromebook

  • Chrome OS

  • Smart TVs

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo 2DS/3DS (All Models)

  • Nintendo Wii/WiiU

  • Sony Playstation (All Models)

  • Microsoft XBox (All Models)


I think it would have been prudent to shore these lists up before the holidays. I deliberately downloaded the Kano app on my Samsung Chromebook Plus (the ARM SoC version, not the Intel Pro version), which runs Google Play Store Android apps, and the app started and ran fine (as do nearly all other Android apps) before I decided to buy this kit, after reading numerous complaints about a blank white screen on incompatible Android devices.

However, while the Kano app runs, and is even able to detect and pair with the wand via Bluetooth, it does not interact with the wand, and the firmware updates don’t complete. Seems so close to working, which just heightened the disappointment.

Of course, somewhere in the past few weeks, the Kano updated the app details in the store, and now tells me it’s incompatible (and won’t install on other user accounts) but this was not the case when I purchased the wand kit.

My only other non-phone, non-Chromebook Android device is a KitKat tablet, and who knows when that compatibility will arrive.

Ideally I’d like this to work on the Samsung Chromebook Plus due to the larger screen, because I had no intentions of buying a tablet ever again. I also don’t think I can return this anymore, nor would I really want to.

What I’d really like to know is how likely this is to happen (KitKat or Chromebook Plus) so that I don’t have this thing sitting unused for months. Or at least enable some phones, like the Nexus 6 I have lying around that runs Nougat. Small, but at least functional.



Hi @ctmeche,

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit was not designed with Chromebook compatibility in mind - nor is this something that we have supported/recommended. It appears that the Google Play store offers some Chromebook users the option to install Android Apps, which then may, or may not run on the Chromebook in question - apologies for any confusion or frustration that this has caused - we’ve been manually working through the Play store to find and remove these.

100% with you on having a compatible devices list before the holidays - in fact we’ve had one on our help center for several months - I created the thread on the forum as an extra resource, just before Christmas, so the community could share which devices they are using.

Like most software/hardware companies, we specify which devices/OS work with our products, rather than those that don’t (as per the Help Center article). The list above, rather than being an official piece of product documentation, is a list of all the devices/OS which we do not have compatibility with, but which we’ve had support requests for through our Customer Care team.

I’ve shared it here as a public resource for those who might be stuck, trying to use something incompatible, to save them a call to Customer Care.

I’ll catch up with our engineering team, and see what the status is of KitKat compatibility - apologies this is taking longer than planned.

On the Android phone question, you really need a screen of 7 inches or larger to be able to code, and see what your code is doing. Some high spec Android phones with 7 inch screens are capable of running the App, but it appears to be only a handful (that are essentially tablets). There are no plans to open up Android compatibility to smaller screens.

Will come back ASAP with a Kit-Kat answer.




Thanks for the detailed response!

Yeah, the tablet issue is frustrating, and I think part of the issue is that many folks like myself are moving away from tablets altogether. Even Google has done this with their latest Pixel Slate, which is a ChromeOS tablet that runs Play Store apps, not a native Android OS (much like my Samsung Chromebook Plus touchscreen hybrid) which has been doing this for 2 years now.

The only reason I even have a KitKat tablet is because it still works, and is better than throwing it away. It shipped with KitKat new, and despite being a top end Tab Pro series, Samsung never bothered to update the OS (another reason for me switching to Chromebooks).

Most tablet users I know are either using an older iPad, or if they’re not in the Apple ecosystem, they’re buying cheap Amazon Fire tablets because they’re nearly disposable.

Thanks again for the help. This does look like a pretty sweet kit, and from what I’ve seen of the app on the Chromebook, we’re still excited.



I assume when you say “isn’t compatible/supported” you’re talking about the Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connection required by the HP Kano Coding wand?

That’s strange, because I just reported excellent connectivity between the Kano Coding wand and my 1st Generation iPad Air. I have the Wifi/Celluar model, so would that account for why it works?


Hi @flyingtacos,

I’ll check with the engineering team in the morning, but I think the iPad Air 1st Gen being on the unsuported/incompatible list may be due to concerns around the “on paper specifications” not being able to run the app in a stable way, combined with us bot being able to lay hands on a 1st gen to test it.

Based on what you report it looks like we might need to update the list :+1:

Will report back.




Ah, okay, well I will readily admit that while my daughter was using the app on my iPad 1st Gen, when there were a lot of moving elements in the animation window, the animation frame rate slowed down dramatically.

I don’t know whether the code snippets that users put together result in something that is compiled before being animated, but it seems based on what other apps are able to do on the iPad 1st Gen, there may be optimizations that could make the performance level acceptable.

Thanks for the clarification!


After some investigation this morning, we’re going to be making some changes/updates to iOS device compatibility to split out “minimum” and “recommended” devices.

It appears that iPad Air 1st Gen, iPad Mini 2nd Gen, and iPad Air 1st Gen are all capable of running the App, but that performance is variable.

It seems to be affected by: amount of Apps running in the background, type of Apps running in the background, battery condition, and available storage space on device.

So the app will run on these devices (and we consider them compatible), but the performance may be slower than desired.