Harry Potter IOS KANO app zero sound iPad Pro 2



sound works with headphones plugged in but so far can’t figure out how to make sound play to speakers

I have the iPad Pro 2 and am using IOS 12.1.1 and have only had a silent experience with the application whether following challenges, in free play, or otherwise. I have the app updated to the newest version with it having updated 4 days ago adding 30 new challenges. Does the mobile tablet version support sound affects?


Hi @Smardel.

Just checked with the team and it seems to be a known issue, we will be fixing this in the near future, apologies for the lack of sound in the meantime!


Hi. I am using the iOS Kano app on an iPad Air 1st Gen running iOS 12.1 and the Kano Code app v1.1.0 and I am also not hearing any sound / music in the app at all.

All of the marketing videos and pre-Christmas media hype imply heavily that sound and music should fully work on iPads and Android tablets alike. Personally, I chose to buy this product for my 8-year-old daughter on Wired Magazine’s extremely positive review and holiday gift recommendation.

It has been two weeks since Christmas Day, when I’m sure a good number of kids received the Harry Potter Kano Coding kit as my daughter did, only to be disappointed by a completely silent experience on their iPad.

I will say that having sound effects and music can make a tremendous improvement in the level of interest for young people when learning something at such a high technical level. Also, it’s clear that a great amount of effort and funds were poured into the soundtrack for this product, based on Kano’s YouTube videos.

So is there any update on when this issue will be fixed, so that the iPad experience is on par with that on Android tablets and Windows / Macintosh platforms?


Hey @flyingtacos,

Do you get any sound through headphones?

Is the device set to silent?

The only device we have that we have this reported for, is the iPad Pro 2nd Generation, and then only through the iPad speakers (it works with headphones).




I’m also having issues with no sound. Have tried headphones to no avail either. Agree that it is a very boring experience without any audio.


I neither hear any sound through the speakers or headphones plugged into the iPad’s 1/8" analogue audio jack.

I am 100% sure the device is not set to silent because I can switch between the Kano Code app and another app, and sound plays immediately, just fine from the other app.

Other things I have tried with no success:

  • Updated the OS to 12.1.1
  • Quit all other running apps
  • Restarted the iPad


Hi everyone,

I had more of a dig through support tickets this morning, and caught up with the engineering team.

The no sound on map screens/no wand casting noises is an iOS specific issue - it is not specific to a particular iPad mode.

The cause of this issue is that iOS does not allow the auto play of sound/music without “user interaction” in applications that use Safari (as the Kano Code app does).

Apple brought this in so that, for example, when you’re scrolling through the Facebook App, you’re not bombarded with the audio from friends posts that have autoplay video in, unless you click into the video.

What you are able to hear (have just tested this on my iPad Mini 2 with successful results), is sound created by the use of the “Speaker” code block.

A good place to test this out is in the Grindylows Playground creation (highlighted below).

You should hear bubbling water sounds, and the Grindylows making noises as you move your wand.

The engineering team are investigating work arounds, and I’ll share news as we have it.




Are we talking about the anti-autoplay policy of HTML5 sound or video/sound in Apple’s WebKit?

That is not something new at all - having been present well before iOS 12, and in fact browser engines on other platforms have had similar policies / implementations for quite a while.

A cursory Google search shows discussion of many sorts of “workarounds” but an obvious one is to present a dialog when the app is opened that requires user interaction which then allows the start of the music / sound.