Google family account compatible with Kano OS?


Hello! We are new to Kano and I’m not strong with coding at all. I’m looking at setting up google family account for my 11 year old to begin being more connected through the internet. Is the Kano compatible with that app? Will I be able to set the google family limits on the Kano device? If not, is there a way to set time limits on the Kano itself?
So far the device is wonderful. Just need a way to set time limits and have more oversight…

Thank you!


Hi @saraebasile, as the Google configuration is done via a regular internet browser, you should be able to access that directly on your Kano OS browser and it should work, but the computer itself is not compatible with the Google system itself. We do have parental controls and filters (enabled by default) but they are mostly about the types of content the computer can access, rather than time limits.

You can use something like Timekpr that should work on raspbian


Thank you!
I will give those suggestions a try. I appreciate your timely response and we are impressed with the device so far.

My 11 year old is engaged with the coding and technical lessons as well as being pleased with the app selections, for the most part. He’s used it for a few hours and realizing that it can be used as a computer for internet searches and connecting via email. I wondered if it might be too childish for him and he may well grow out of it in a year or 2. For now, he is getting a lot out of it.

Thanks again,