Getting two Motion Sensors to work together?



Hi, we have been trying to make a program that uses two motion sensors. We add a second motion sensor part to the program, and it shows up as Motion 2. Both Motion and Motion 2 appear connected (and if we unplug one, it goes red and says (disconnected). But both sensors trigger the same Motion part in the program. Depending upon the order in which we plug them in, both sensors sometimes trigger the Motion part, sometimes both sensors trigger the Motion 2 part. Interestingly, when they both trigger Motion, it successfully triggers the Motion value IF block in the code. When both sensors trigger the Motion 2 part (and show motion values in the bottom right of the screen) it does not trigger the Motion 2 value IF block in the code.

The Kano FAQ says it works with multiple motion sensors, but nothing we try lets each motion sensor register as a different part in the program. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone have advice for what we’re doing wrong or what we should try? Thanks!


That’s very strange! We’ve hooked up to 8 sensors at at time (!) and its always worked without any issue.

Are you connecting them directly to the computer or via a USB hub of some sorts?


We started out using USB extension cords to connect the motion sensors to USB ports on the Kano, but were having trouble with them occasionally showing up as disconnected. So we removed the extension cords and connected the two sensors directly to USB ports on the Kano. They reliably showed up as connected that way, but both registered motion on the same motion part in the app. Thanks for the reply!