Gameboy Linux Apps

If I got a Gameboy Emulator and installed it onto my kano computer kit complete, could it run it if its linux based. and this is a question about if i installed other games too, that the kano could handle

Yep, you can just install linux games and run them, although there are some limitations:

  1. Kano uses a raspberry pi 3, which is not that powerful
  2. Raspberry pis are arm based (like phones) which means they can not just run normal x86 compiled code.

Just look up spesific guides for the pi 3 and follow them if you have a game in mind, and also try checking if they are in the software repos (sudo apt search [game title])

Note: It will probably be easier to follow guides if you are running rapberry pi OS - but there is not that much of a difference, as long as you can access a terminal