FYI Troubleshooting Chromium on Computer Kit Touch

Hey folks,

My 10yo son and I just spent 4 hours today troubleshooting this issue so I wanted to put an FYI out there in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

We purchased the Computer Kit Touch for Christmas and he had no problems with the initial build and setup, and had been happily using some local apps, especially Minecraft. I had chosen Kano intending for him to use it for some homeschool tasks as well as the built-in tech learning, including a web-based typing program. Imagine my frustration when I went to open the web browser to log him into the program, and it wouldn’t allow us internet access (despite wifi being connected with no issues) and opened a tab saying an update was needed (no indication of whether it was Kano or Chromium that needed updated). When we tried to log into his Google account it just gave us an error page saying “this site can’t be reached”.

First, I had to search to learn how to check for and install updates, and learned our KanoOS was indeed up to date with v4.3.3, for which there was absolutely no information out there- everything I found referenced 4.3.2 being the latest version. (See this article ) I couldn’t find anything about updating Chromium itself.

Next, I found a reference on these forums to parental controls on the latest version being set to “ultimate” by default which apparently “really locks the kit down”. I thought this may have something to do with our issue, and of course FINDING and changing the parental controls was not intuitive so I had to go hunting for that information, too. I did find those instructions at

After I changed the parental control settings, I was able to log into my son’s Google account and access other web pages! :partying_face: I also learned, once I could access the Chromium settings, that the default “new tab” page was set to Kano’s “you need an update” page. That was easy to change once we were able to actually access the web.

On the plus side, it was a good lesson for my son about troubleshooting and using logical problem-solving and the resources of Google to resolve your issue rather than throwing your hands up and scrapping the whole thing while complaining on the internet. I still could have gone without the increased blood pressure and loss of a day’s worth of homeschooling time I meant to spend on other things.

tldr: Kano, please include some type of notice for users that “ultimate” level parental control settings are preventing web access, and a link to instructions for accessing parental controls. It would also be nice to put out some kind of clarification about the “you need an update” page as that sent me on a rabbit trail for several hours thinking an out-of-date browser app or system was the reason for lack of web access. Even a page on the help section of the website for “Help- I can’t browse the internet!” or the like would be extremely helpful when users run into trouble and come to the Help Center for troubleshooting help.


Awesome! Was looking for solutions to both the issue and parental controls!