Failed to Sync when setting up kano world profile


My son received a Kano 1000K-02 for Christmas. We got it booted up and updated, but we are not able to create a Kano world account. The error that pops up says “failed to Sync”.

I created a Kano world account on my mobile device and attempted to login on his new computer with the credentials and it says username invalid or not found. At a loss… Any help or suggestions to get the Kano world set up?

Also, browser will not go online and says it needs an up date. How do you update the browser?

Thanks so much.

Same issue here! Anyone have a solution?

Hi Bob!

So, after letting the computer sit for a while, it initiated two updates, which took a couple hours. After the updates, I was able to log into the Kano world account.

Also, I had to turn off parental controls on the settings to get the browser to work. The default password is “kano.” I think everything is working for me now. Try running the updater app.