Error: failed to sync

My grandson received this Kano Computer kit as a gift. we put the pieces together. From the start, we have received an error:

Houson we have a problem.
Cannot register: problem: failed to sync

Failed to sync to what?

There are absolutely no instructions as to how to fix this.

So far, I am very diasppointed with this product. I have no idea what to do to help him fix this. Does anyone know what to do?

Hey @Mamali,

Sorry to hear that your Grandson’s kit is misbehaving!

Can you please tell us which computer kit he has?

Is it one that you connect to an external display/tv, or one with a built-in screen?



Not the original OP, but have the same issue.

Mine is occurring on one which connects to an external tv.
Again, for me this occurs when trying to set up a profile. I know you can skip it, but my son wants the ‘extra features’ it warns you you will lose if you skip this stage!

Same problem I’m having with the external monitor version.

Having the same exact issues here too.

Same here. Took an update after cancelling out still cant register. This is the make a computer
kit where you need a monitor. Very frustrating experience

Same thing happening with the one we bought my niece.
It’s a complete computer kit that connects to an external monitor.

Ok so the issue seems to be you need to cancel out of the registration and just let it boot. I did that and after a while an icon shows up on the “desktop” to apply updates. It applied 2 different updates to the system this way. Be forewarned it took over 4 hrs so that really killed the interest in this for my daughter who was dying to use it so plan accordingly. Once those updates are applied you boot into the “desktop” type environment again where there is an icon to register/create an account. If you tried and failed the first time before the updates you will see the create account process now is wildly different from what you saw before the updates which is probably why it didnt work. After the updates are applied I recommend you reboot one last time after it came up from applying the updates the registration process hung again. I rebooted the Kano and it worked fine after that so after you get the last updated applied and it rebooted, once you get into the desktop reboot again maybe you will have better luck than I and it will work firat tey. After that it was all working. Hope this helps.

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We followed these directions and wanted to let folks know that the updates did not come all at once. We did 2 updates. Rebooted a couple of times and a third update appeared. It was after this last one that we finally got it all to work. So, you need to be persistent!