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Hello! I plan to open an educational center in my city (Russia, Stavropol) and am considering the opportunity to purchase your products. As far as I understand, today your educational materials are in English. This is a major obstacle for me, since not all teachers speak English at the required level. I am ready to organize the translation of Education materials into Russian. Can I get your materials in an editable format for this?

Hi @Artem,

If you drop our education team an email on they’ll be able to discuss!



I wrote an email on 03/16/2019. I did not answer. Wrote an email today. Can you give them information? Maybe my letter got into spam. My email is

@taylor will be able to help!

Hi @Artem,

I’d be happy to share our PDF for the curriculum and you can translate. However, none of those materials will affect the operating system so the Kano experience will still all be in English. I’ll look for your email in the education account.


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@taylor I sent an email to

Hello, @Artem!
Я тоже заинтересован в переводе инструкции на русский язык. Я могу помочь! Напишите мне на email

I am interesting of translation guide in Russian too. I can help you! Write me